about the girl and the blog

Hi lovely guys! 
My name's Leo. I'm a seventeen-years-old girl from the north of Germany (lower saxony).
I live in my tiny dreamworld with lots of colours, clothes and unicorns.
In my freetime I love to cuddle my friend's cat Emma, drinking hot chocolate, drawing pictures, listening to music played live at festivals and singing in a band from our downtown country side. I'm not that normal girl from the neighbourhood. I'm a special one, I think. My friends call me crazy and things like that.

Now about my blog. I started writing the 18th June 2012 because my friends wanted me to. I think, it was a very good idea, cause now, I'm exactly in love with my blogger-life. Well, sometimes I feel a little bit lonely, but that stops after a few minutes. 
My blog's about fashion, photography, literature, DIY and so on. 
I hope you like it..  just a little bit. :)

Best Greetings, Leo xx

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